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On January 7, 2020, Hefei Smarter Group held the 2020 annual work conference. The meeting reviewed the achievements made in all aspects of work in 2019 and comprehensively mapped out the development ideas, goals and tasks for 2020. Lu Dang-jun, general Manager and Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of China Joint Equipment Group, Wu Wenjie, Minister of Party and mass work department of China Joint Equipment Group, Chen Hui, minister of discipline inspection and Supervision department of China Joint Equipment Group, and Sun Lei, assistant minister of administration and human Resources Department of China Joint Equipment Group attended the meeting. More than 80 members of the company's leading group, middle-level management cadres and some staff representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yun, secretary of the Party Committee

Mr. Lu delivered an impassioned speech. He said that entrusted by Academician Peng Shou, he fully affirmed Hefei's achievements in 2019 and expressed his sincere gratitude for the hard work of Hefei officials and employees in the past year. He points out that 2019 was an extraordinary year, in everyone's concerted effort and the joint efforts of Hefei united equipment and what each work has achieved good results, Hefei Smarter operating income over 1 billion yuan for the first time, is also united equipment group first, more than 1 billion companies operating income for the joint has made important contributions to the development of equipment.

Lu stressed that to do a good job in 2020, Hefei should adhere to the correct political direction and development direction and achieve twice the result with half the effort. To focus on the strategic objectives of China Building Materials and KAI SHENG group, further improve the business performance and economic benefits. To this end, he put forward eight clear requirements: first, to be target-oriented, strengthen marketing market development, accelerate the development of the international market; Second, we should strengthen the leading role of party building, consolidate the basic work of party building, and implement the rectification work of theme education. Third, we should enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises through scientific and technological innovation, improve the technical and intelligent level of products, speed up the transformation and upgrading of products, explore lean production, build a scientific and technological enterprise, and continue to maintain the leading position in the industry. Fourth, we should strengthen the training of young cadres, especially technicians and frontline young talents. Fifth, in response to the Yi Dai Yi Lu initiative, we will increase the export of complete equipment on the existing basis. Sixth, it is necessary to give full play to the soft power and intangible driving force of enterprise culture to promote enterprise development. Seventh, we should make unremitting efforts in safety and environmental protection work, improve the political position, and comprehensively consolidate the first responsibility and overall responsibility for safety and environmental protection; Eight is to do a good job in building a clean and honest party.

Lu said that in 2020, the China United Equipment Group will continue to support the development of Hefei Smarter, hope Hefei Smarter to take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of the central enterprise, all cadres and workers continue to work hard, in the pipe and cable equipment industry to continue to play a leading role. Finally, on behalf of China United Equipment Group, he sincerely wishes all employees of Hefei what a happy New Year, a happy family and the best of everything.

Xing Changrong, chairman of the board, made a work report entitled "Innovation-Driven, Improving quality and Efficiency, creating a new glory for Hefei's high-quality development". The report gives a comprehensive and systematic summary of the work in 2019 from seven aspects, including business indicators, market development, technological innovation, "three fine" management, talent training, safety and environmental protection, and party building. In 2019, in the face of tough market environment, under the support of united equipment group, under the joint efforts of all staff, the company always adhere to the "professional manufacture, sincere service" business philosophy, fully carry forward the "unity, struggle, dedication, hard work" spirit of enterprise, overcome difficult, vigor, each work all obtains a good result, the successful completion of the group company's goal.

Xing Changrong objectively analyzed the current situation and existing problems, and put forward the general idea and main measures for the work in 2020. One is to continue to strengthen precision marketing work; Second, we will accelerate research and development of new products and actively promote the optimization and standardization of old products. Three is to continue to increase the two gold pressure reduction; Fourth, we will deepen the work of "three fine management"; Fifth, to implement the brand strategy, further establish the corporate brand image; Sixth, to promote and improve the company's large project responsibility system; Seventh, we will actively respond to the "Yi Dai Yi Lu" initiative and vigorously promote the export of complete equipment abroad. Eighth, to actively promote the process of intelligent manufacturing projects; Ninth, we must strengthen cadre management and raise the level of cadres; Tenth, we need to strengthen party building and give play to its leading role.

Seize the day, live. Xing Changrong stressed that the New Year, to more high state of mind and more on a new journey full of working passion, highlight the "early, fine, fine, solid, the new" operating principles, to carry out "the quality, cost, service, efficiency, innovation" the work idea, carry forward the "innovation, performance, harmony, responsibility" core values, to promote the implementation of all work, fall to the ground, fine, writing a new glorious chapter, create refulgence again. Don't live up to the great trust of the superior group, live up to the broad masses of workers.

At the meeting, Xing Chanrong signed the 2020 Annual Business Goal Assessment Responsibility statement with each major responsible unit and department, and Zhang Hong signed the 2020 Annual Party Conduct Construction and Anti-corruption Responsibility Statement with each Party branch secretary.

Zhang Yun made a summary of the meeting, and put forward requirements for the next step, one is to earnestly convey the spirit of the meeting, especially the spirit of General Lu's important speech; The second is to compare the responsibility, focus on the breakdown of goals and tasks, detailed measures one by one, the pressure into power, layer by layer, so that everyone has responsibility on his shoulders, everyone has indicators, forming a joint force to promote the development of the company; Three is to pay close attention to the implementation, strengthen responsibility, early planning, early action, do a good job this year's work, solid promotion of the company's annual goals and tasks to complete a satisfactory answer to the group company.