2020.02.12 436 SHARE

To whom it may concern,

First of all, thank you for your support and trust to Hefei Smarter all the time! On the arrival of the New Year, may your family be well and everything goes well.

Since the Spring Festival, the COVID-19 outbreak has touched the hearts of people from all walks of life. It has also greatly affected our lives and work. I believe that you are making every effort to prevent and control the epidemic and planning for an orderly resumption of work and production.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hefei Smarter has actively implemented the decisions and arrangements of the local government and its superior groups on epidemic prevention and control, adopted a series of effective and comprehensive measures, and achieved initial results in epidemic prevention and control. Up to now, there has been no suspected or confirmed cases in our company. All employees are in good health. Now we are resuming work and production in a smooth and orderly manner according to the requirements of the local government.

In order to enable you to have a comprehensive understanding of the current situation of our company and to carry out business cooperation in a timely manner, we hereby inform you of the relevant matters as follows:

1.In fully completes the prevention and control measures and guarantee conditions under the premise of approved, our company has started on February 10, in order to return to work, in view of the sudden and the complexity of the outbreak, for scientific and effective prevention and control, normal production has been influenced by a certain, therefore, the partial products will likely need to postpone the delivery date, which may bring inconvenience to your company, we are sorry, and hope to get your understanding. In the later stage, we will shorten the installation and commissioning cycle, improve the service quality and efficiency through after-sales service staff working overtime, and try our best to make up for the delay in delivery.

2.Hefei Smarter will be in strict accordance with the party central committee and the local government and the superior group, the relevant provisions of the epidemic situation development change, attention to comprehensive epidemic situation, to strengthen the prevention and control responsibility, to carry out the prevention and control measures, reduce the outbreak of an adverse impact, to ensure smooth to return to work and production, normal production and business operation activities and fully recover as soon as possible.

3.Sincere service for customers is our consistent purpose. Here, we promise you that no matter what the impact of the epidemic may be, we will continue to provide you with professional and reliable products and efficient and sincere services. In this special period, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us, we will be the first time to respond, to ensure uninterrupted service, commitment will be fulfilled.

Life is more important than Mount Tai. Epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility. Hefei Smarter willing to help all our customers and friends, to overcome difficulties and win the battle against the epidemic. We firmly believe that there will be a rainbow after the storm. Let's join hands and write a new chapter in 2020.

Thank you again for your understanding, trust and support. I hope you can take good care of yourself and your family in a very difficult time. Wish you a smooth, auspicious and safe work in the New Year!